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I’m Gavin Reynoldson, a Front End Web Developer based in Bath, UK.

I have been building websites for just over one year.

In my previous career I worked in health and exercise science for approximately 15 years. I worked as an Associate Lecturer at the University of Bath (2005-2015) teaching a range of degree and vocational programmes. I mostly taught physiology, nutrition and fitness. Before that I was a Personal Trainer.

I read for an MSc in Exercise & Behavioural Medicine at the University of West London and an MSc in Bioinformatics at the University of Oxford. I completed two years of a part-time PhD in Developmental Biology at the University of Bath but withdrew from the programme before I completed it.

After 15 years working in exercise and health I decided I wanted a change. I left my post at the university to start an internet company called Gen-Up.

Gen-Up is an online marketplace and question and answer platform for health professionals. The first feature of the website is almost complete and I hope to launch a beta site at the start of the new year 2017.

When I started I had a limited understanding of coding from one of my degrees so set out to learn and build as I went. Since then I have become proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript and (a smidge) of PHP and I manage my own AWS servers and use a range of Amazon Web Services to support my websites including; EC2, S3, Cloudfront, WorkMail and route53. Just for fun I am currently playing around with node.js, Ruby and Ruby on Rails. Maybe I will build something with them in the future…!

I am also the co-founder and CTO of WP360 (http://www.wp360.com) an online WordPress support and repair service. We fix, optimise and support WordPress websites so that you can operate your business with minimal delays and obstructions to service.

For my clients at GR Designs I build custom websites using WordPress. This provides the client with access to the website allowing for updates and edits without the need for a developer once the website has been built. Websites can be hosted either with AWS (if high volumes of traffic and scaling are important) or on a managed server for ease and peace of mind.

I have a particular interest in flat UI design and spend a lot of time reading:

However, I enjoy building websites across a range of design styles and business needs. If you need a website for personal or professional use then please get in touch.


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